Incidents of burning and looting reported in Zeerust-area - DA NWest

Jacqueline Theologo condemns violent protest action and attacks on businesses

DA condemns violence and business attacks in Zeerust

The DA condemns violent protest action and attacks on businesses in the Zeerust-area of the North West.

This follows recent scenes of violence and unrest in Lichtenburg and Coligny.

As so sadly happened in Coligny, we urgently call upon the Premier and all political parties to refrain from sowing racial divisions that can fuel the situation.

Incidents of looting and burning of property have been reported. The SAPS must swiftly bring order to these acts.

At this stage, service delivery issues seem to be the root of the unhappiness. This being so, there is no reason to ransack and attack private businesses. Anger towards government must be expressed by peaceful protests against government.

We condemn actions whereby businesses are targeted. Businesses had to close their doors which will have a further negative impact on the local economy. We call upon the community to be calm and not to take the law into their own hands.

Burning and looting will not resolve any issues, but it will rather contribute to the slow pace of economic development in the area.

Our communities have a right to participate in protest actions if they adhere to the law.

We hope that politicians will not further abuse this as a platform to divide races.

Statement issued by Jacqueline Theologo MPL, DA Whip North West Legislature, 15 May 2017