Malema's words could lead to murder - Pieter Mulder

FF+ leader says singing "shoot the boer" should be totally unacceptable


Mr. Julius Malema clearly shows that he has no understanding of the South African society's complications and sensitivities with his continued fight to be allowed to sing certain liberation songs.

Malema yesterday (2011/01/26) called on all ANC veterans and activists to "make their voices heard against attempts to have liberation songs prohibited".

The Freedom Front Plus and other organisations' protests are not against the singing of liberation songs as Malema is trying to incorrectly portray. It is about the singing of phrases such as "shoot the Boer" (‘Ibhunu') which appears in the song "Ayesab' amagwala".

The FF Plus calls on all reasonable South Africans to fearlessly show their disapproval of such phrases which cause great tension.

Presently (2011), where farmers are murdered every week and violence and murder have become part of society, phrases such as "shoot the Boer" are totally unacceptable. In the light of the hate speech sections in the Constitution, these types of phrases should be prohibited by the courts.

In the past the FF Plus has been successful in having the phrase "Kill the Boer" of Peter Mokaba classified as hate speech. We will continue with our actions until the "Ibhunu" phrase is also prohibited.

Let us learn a lesson from the recent events in the USA where an individual shot congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords because he took the war of words between the Republicans and the Democrats literally. Why just accept that the "Shoot the Boer" phrase are not being taken literally by a new generation young people who had not been part of the ANC's "struggle" and had been born after the end of that struggle?

Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader and Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, January 27 2011

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