Mashaba delivers change Joburg residents need – DA Gauteng

Mayor and his team have achieved more in 3 years than what ANC could accomplish in 20

#HandsoffMashaba: He delivers the change Joburg residents need

19 August 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Johannesburg Region condemns Thursday’s motion of no confidence in the City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, as nothing but a ploy by the ANC to regain control of the people of Joburg’s money.

Now that the residents of Johannesburg have seen the ANC’s legacy of poor service delivery and corruption and begun to witness the change Mayor Mashaba is bringing, they are desperate to halt his progress.

Under his leadership, the DA-led City of Johannesburg consistently delivers on its three broad election commitments of creating jobs, delivering quality services and rooting out corruption.

This new beginning under Mayor Mashaba has already created over 44 030 EPWP jobs, delivered more than 6659 title deeds, attracted billions in investments to build affordable housing units, resurfaced over 900km of the 4000km road network, saved bridges from structural collapse, decreased power outages and water leaks, uncovered corruption worth more than R24 billion, extended operating hours of 22 clinics and 10 libraries, established Opportunity Centres in 7 of the city’s regions, and Joburg is now safer with 1 500 more Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) Officers on the streets.

The financial strength of the City is better than ever before, despite this being a pretence for the ANC’s motion.

The city has closed out the financial year in June 2019 with a cash balance that exceeds the levels prescribed by National Treasury and its creditors and spend over 93% on its capital budget and over 99% on its infrastructure grant for two consecutive years.

These are the changes residents have waited for decades to see.

Mayor Mashaba and his team have achieved more in 3 years, than what the ANC was able to accomplish in over 20 years.

With the DA at the helm, the people of Joburg will always come first. This will not be the case under an ANC administration.

With Mayor Mashaba, real change has come and a new beginning has dawned for the people of Johannesburg.

The DA calls on the people of Johannesburg to support Mayor Mashaba by signing the petition below, so that he can continue delivering quality services to the people of Johannesburg.

Please follow this link to view and sign the petition:

Only the DA can bring change that builds one South Africa for all.

Issued by Tsepo Mhlongo, DA Johannesburg Regional Chairperson, 19 August 2019