RET as theft: Johann Rupert's comments no surprise - ANCWL

League welcomes billionaire's decision to come out of his cocoon and display his white arrogance


14 September 2017

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) is not surprised by the comments attributed to the beneficiary of apartheid policies Mr Johan Rupert on radical economic transformation. It is within the DNA of many beneficiaries of apartheid policies to label anything championed by black government led by ANC as inferior, incompetence, corrupt or theft. 

The ANCWL welcomes the decision of Mr Rupert to finally come out from his cocoon and display his white arrogance. Mr Rupert and his cohorts are hellbent in ensuring that the current ownership, management and control of economy is not tampered with and remains in the hands of the few. The economically marginalised and the landless must unite and confront white arrogance from capitalists as Mr Rupert. 

The ANCWL will not be deterred from demanding radical economic transformation. The majority of the people must be active participants in the economy of the country that the likes of Johan Rupert has monopolised for years and advanced white superiority. Some beneficiaries of apartheid government policies are not remorseful and the ANC led government has been extending an olive branch of reconciliation for far too long. The ANC led government must not negotiate with any arrogant beneficiary of apartheid on the transformation of economy of South Africa. 

In preparing for the coming 54th National Conference, the ANCWL is persuading ANC structures to ensure that all who are going to be elected into the incoming ANC NEC to be led by Cde Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to unapologetically support the implementation of radical economic transformation. The ANC must not have any amongst its ranks who will massages the egos and arrogance of the likes of Mr Rupert. The likes of Mr Rupert and his cohorts must live with the fact that the ownership, management and control of the economy is going to be transformed and that does not require their permission. 

The ANCWL vehemently supports the fundamental change in the structure, systems, institutions and patterns of ownership, management and control of the economy in favor of all South Africans, especially the poor, the majority of whom are African and female. 

Radical economic transformation now or never!!! 

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 14 September 2017