SARS must release ‘rogue unit' report - Dion George

DA MP calls on Tom Moyane to stick to his word and present findings to parliament

DA calls for release of SARS ‘rogue unit' report

16 November 2014 

The DA will today write to the Chairperson of the Finance Portfolio Committee, Yunus Carrim, and request that he summon South African Revenue Services (SARS) Commissioner Tom Moyane to appear before the committee, and to table the report into the wrongdoings of the National Research Group of SARS (see M&G report on this issue here). 

This call comes as the DA believes that the said report was presented to SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane last week. 

This is highly problematic given that this report should have been sent to Parliament upon its completion.

The report is said to contain the findings of an external investigation by an Advocate of the High Court, initiated by Moyane, into the alleged wrongdoings committed by the SARS National Research Group.

The allegations include the accusations of illegal interception of communication between various high ranking politicians, substantial breaches of internal recruitment policy, and questionable remuneration procedures.   

SARS commissioner Tom Moyane, in a briefing before Parliament's standing committee on finance last month, committed to "getting to the bottom of this", assuring the committee that the matter was being seen in a serious light, and that the allegations would be thoroughly investigated.

If the investigation is indeed complete and the report available, Moyane must stick to his word and appear before Parliament to present the report for oversight and thorough scrutiny. 

The DA will continue to ensure all public bodies are held to the highest account, especially those responsible for the administration of tax-payers' money.

Statement issued by Dr Dion George MP, DA Shadow Minister of Finance, November 16 2014

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