Tlokwe: Implications of Electoral Court's ruling disturbing - ANC

Party asks whether ruling suggests the possible disenfranchisement of those in informal settlements


The African National Congress has noted the decision of the Electoral Court to postpone by-elections in six wards in Tlokwe, North West Province. We have further noted the decision of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to postpone all by-elections across the country that had been scheduled for today, 24 February 2016, following the ruling by the Electoral Court. As per the IEC, this decision has been taken in the interest of free and fair elections.

The ANC is gravely concerned about the implications of the decision of the Electoral Court and the impact it has already had that the IEC saw it fit to postpone all by-elections based on it. We remain disquieted about the feasibility and practical implementation of the court decision and whether it does not suggest a possible disenfranchisement of our people residing in informal settlements.

The ANC remains ready and confident of a overwhelming win in Tlokwe due to the support we continue to enjoy from the people as a result of our steady record of delivery. We will continue to monitor developments in this matter and are seeking legal advice on how we should proceed to protect the inalienable right of all South Africans to vote. The ANC will continue to work hard in Tlokwe and across the country for a decisive victory in these by-elections and the forthcoming Local Government Elections.

Statement issued by ANC national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, 24 February 2016