What will we be remembered for? - DA NWest

Jacqueline Theologo says ANC in SA and province are destroying the legacy of the generation before

What will we be remembered for?

Dear Speaker,

We are in the middle of Heritage Month. September is a month to take time to reflect and remember our roots.

Where we come from. To look at our heritage and honour our roots.

But this should also be a time to do an inspection of what we are currently busy with now. To reflect on our actions.

In 20 years’ time the here and now will be the heritage of the future generation. Will we be able to leave a legacy allowing our next generation to say, as in Psalm 16?

“The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!”

Will they be the generation who can come together and say “WOW, what a wonderful legacy” because:

- They have jobs;

- They are safe in their own houses;

- Their children can prosper with a good educational system;

- The medical care they get is of top class;

- Their streets and towns and cities are places where communities live in peace; and

- There is no racism, no judgement and most of all no corruption.

At this stage, this is not even a dream. The ANC in SA and our province are destroying the legacy of the generation before us, as well as the future of the coming generation. This has cast dark shadows over our rainbow nation. We have become a land of broken promises.

Corruption, lies, selfishness and poor governance are not only bringing our physical living spaces to a total downfall but also our spiritual spaces as we promote hatred, division, self-entitlement, disregard for legislation and rules.

Those who govern, who have been elected to serve the ordinary citizens who also dream to leave a legacy to their own families, do not take accountability and are self-serving people who forgot how to care about and to take care of, the people of this country.

May I remind this House that heritage is not limited to traditions, monuments, objects, and culture, it is also the behaviours that we draw from those who are elected to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
Our actions today will be seen as our ultimate heritage as depicted in the history books for the future generations to see and measure us by.

The time for change is now if we want to leave a heritage that our children will be proud of. A legacy that will give our children a sense of duty and pride. Let us give our children a good story to tell.

Issued by Jacqueline TheologoDA NW Whip, 12 September 2017