Why is DA premier silent on racism? - ANC WC

Party says Zille must unequivocally condemn deep-rooted racism in province and take steps to reduce it and act against perpetrators

Why is DA premier silent on racism? 

16 February 2017 

The ANC Western Cape wants real issues addressed in a genuine and transparent way that affects the people of the province when premier Helen Zille tomorrow delivers her state of the province address at the opening of the legislature. Zille should not only pay lip service to the needs and aspirations of people.

This marks the eighth year of perpetuated racial intolerance, oppressive, exclusive economy and exclusionary governance under the DA - which undermines social cohesion. There has been a sharp increase in racial tensions and divisions in the province. This is all due to the divisive tactics by the DA.

ANC Western Cape leader of the opposition Khaya Magaxa says: “The ANC calls on Zille to unequivocally condemn the deep-rooted racism, take concrete steps to reduce it and act against perpetrators. In the past she ran away from acknowledging the mere existence thereof.

“Zille must also commit her government to provide land for social housing (like the contested Tafelberg School site) and give hope to people like domestic workers to live closer to their employment or opportunities and the poor living in Sea Point and other communities throughout the province. This includes those living in ‘temporary relocation areas’ like the camps Blikkiesdorp and Wolwerivier. The continued evictions of vulnerable people from social housing and farms should also stop.

“The G.F. Jooste hospital of Manenberg was unilaterally closed in 2013 without proper thinking or planning and is yet to be replaced. The secrecy around the relocation is not assisting the affected communities. The DA makes a mockery of black lives while our people are faced with overcrowded primary health care facilities without access to basic medical services.

“Zille must still tell the people of the affected areas of Manenberg, Heideveld, Tambo and Gugulethu if the new hospital is ever going to be built. It is the lives of these people that are at risk and some have to wait two to three days for a bed in trauma sections of other hospitals due to the closure of Jooste.

“Furthermore the DA is soft on issues of corruptive actions like the hiring of gangsters, particularly looking away from ‘white collar crimes’ together with dubious construction tenders (with four substandard schools) and nepotism where improper cadre deployment is rife under the DA. Zille must now denounce these activities. She must walk the talk!”

The ANC demands Zille to publicly take a stand on these issues. Zille and her provincial government is seen as uncaring and heartless people. They turn a blind eye to the stark inequalities between the poor and advantaged residents in the leafy areas. No new plan was ever developed by the DA to decisively deal with such problems.

Magaxa added: “There are schools that are under all sorts of pressures. Some are still waiting for learner material like books at the Oscar Mpetha High School in Nyanga and others in Khayelitsha.

“The DA-led provincial government also fails in dealing with gangsters which subject children, women and elderly to fatal violence. The ANC calls on the DA to bring back the Bambanani campaign to assist in reducing crime and violence.”

Issued by Cobus Grobler on behalf of ANC WC, 16 February 2017