ANC in parliament kicks for touch on party funding

Office of the chief whip says parties must first discuss matter internally


The Multiparty Chief Whips' Forum that met for its weekly meeting today, 5 May, noted the proposal of the Independence Democrats (ID) on the establishment of a parliamentary ad hoc committee to look into the matter of political party funding.

The Forum was strong in its belief that the issue of funding of political parties is important and requires a process of extensive and serious reflection by all political parties involved. It was also the view of the Forum that discussion on the matter must be more about how political parties should be funded in a democracy, rather than narrowing this critical matter around only the disclosure of donations and election expenditure - as proposed by the ID.

The Forum was therefore unanimous in its view that political parties must be afforded an opportunity to begin deliberating on this matter within their respective party constitutional structures before the matter can be entertained by parliament.

Statement issued by the The Office of the ANC Chief Whip, ANC Parliamentary Caucus, May 5 2010

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