ANC’s appeal to overturn Tshwane court ruling a waste of money – Randall Williams

DA Mayoral Candidate says ANC does not seem to understand that being a councillor means representing the community

ANC’s appeal to overturn Tshwane court ruling a waste of taxpayers' money

7 May 2020

The Democratic Alliance (DA) condemns the ANC's decision to appeal against the recent Gauteng North High Court ruling, which declared the dissolution of the Tshwane Council unlawful.

This is a complete waste of taxpayers' money, and is obviously intended to delay the process of bringing stability and progress to Tshwane.

The recent unanimous judgment by the court was clear, that the current team of administrators that were deployed by the ANC should vacate their respective offices within 5 days after the level 5 lockdown was lifted to allow all councillors to resume office by midnight on Friday, 8 May 2020 when the judgment comes into effect.

For the ANC to build their appeal on the fact that among other things the judge ruled that ANC and EFF councilors cannot walk out of council as they had done on numerous occasions is a clear indication that they do not want to attend multiparty council meetings unless they are in control.

The ANC does not seem to understand that being a councillor means representing the community who elected them into office, in Council.

It is therefore not unreasonable for the court to suggest that ANC and EFF Councillors have to be in council in order to fulfil their duties. Councillors do have a right to protest. There is no better opportunity to protest than to use the platform that comes with public office. But do so, they need to be present in Council.

But if the attitude of the ANC is to collapse meetings, then they do not deserve to be in Council.

The ongoing attempts to destabilise Tshwane are politically driven by the ANC and hampering service delivery, as the residents are unfortunately at the receiving end of the ANC’s delaying tactics.

The application for leave to appeal announced by the ANC is baseless and has no substance. It is filled with emotions and political tactics to prolong their own political appointments time in office in Tshwane to loot the city coffers.

The DA has noted that Maile announced during his press conference that the judgment is creating confusion. It is clear that Maile and the ANC believe that they are above the law and have lost faith in our independent judicial system. Maile is the confused one and a constitutional delinquent, who clearly realised that he has no corrupt leverage over our judiciary.

The ANC cannot come to terms with the fact that they were voted out by the people of Tshwane in 2016 and are trying by hook or by crook to get back in control in Tshwane to reinstate their corrupt practices, such as having 900 people on the mayor's payroll. More importantly, a super-dominant Provincial Government should not be allowed to usurp a minority government in a local council. This is the principle we are fighting for.

The DA has instructed its legal team to prepare an application in terms of Section 18(3) of the Superior Courts Act no 10 of 2013, that the court order takes effect pending the appeal.

Issued by Randall WilliamsDA Tshwane Mayoral Candidate, 7 May 2020