Mathews Phosa makes me want to vomit - Edward Zuma

Edward Zuma is a piece of vomit, Mathews Phosa replies

Mathews Phosa makes Edward Zuma want to vomit

Durban - President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward says Mathews Phosa makes him want to vomit, after the former ANC treasurer called for his father to step down.

“Having known him personally as a child during those days makes me want to vomit as I would have alarmed the ANC of what a traitor he was to become post-apartheid,” Zuma said on Monday.

Phosa had sold out to white monopoly capital, he said.

“Edward Zuma is a piece of vomit, not deserving of any comment as he is talking rubbish,” was Phosa’s reply.

Phosa, the former premier of Mpumalanga, wrote in an opinion piece published in the Sunday Independent and on the Daily Maverick’s website that good men could not be silent in the face of evil.

‘My plea remains’

“Silence is connivance. Therefore I speak.

“Now we have a president, when we plead with him to go, stays. My plea remains: Please, for once, serve your people, and go. Go now. If you don’t, history will judge you to be the chief architect of the destruction of the ANC.

“I understand that these words will land me in the firing line. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I know that there are cabinet ministers and NEC members who feel the same way.

“I urge them again, to speak up. Find your inner voices, find your pride, find your character and speak before your children and grandchildren, and history, judge you harshly for being silent.”

Edward Zuma asked why Phosa was not a Cabinet minister and asked him to “show us his branches”.

“He has guts and no shame to want to mislead the people of this country in their quest for selfish and narrow interests of white monopoly capital.”

He said Phosa should stay in the ANC and be disciplined, or leave and let the ruling party govern.
“Face it my former comrade you will never lead this country.”

He would continue to rally behind his father until he completed his term.