Ramaphosa side-stepped Lekota's allegation - COPE

Dennis Bloem says in 1970s ANC President wrote a signed statement denouncing Terror to Security Police


15 February 2019

The President of Congress of the People, Mosiuoa Lekota, never said that  President Cyril Ramaphosa was a spy or a state witness. He said that Cyril wrote a "letter" (signed statement) to the Special Branch and stated that Terror put “communist ideas” in his head. 

Everybody knows that the apartheid regime called everybody opposed to apartheid as a communist. 

As a result of the “letter” (signed statement), Ramaphosa was allegedly released from detention and others were put on trial. 

That’s the choice he made. He threw them under the bus.

Ramaphosa‘s response does not confirm or deny whether he wrote the “letter” (signed statement) to the Special Branch or not. That’s the question he must answer. Did he or did he not write the letter and threw his comrades under the bus? 

He told parliament that the Special Branch wanted him to become a state witness and testify against Terror. What did he confess to the Special Branch to make them convinced that he could make a good state witness?

They wanted him to repeat that Terror put "communist ideas" in his head.

Congress of the People had expected Ramaphosa to directly answer to the COPE President “Terror” Lekota's very serious allegation of a "letter" (signed statement) to the Apartheid Security Police, telling them that "Terror was putting communist ideas in his head "in his response in Parliament.

In 1974, he threw his comrades under the bus to the Special Branch. Now recently, he threw Zuma under the bridge.

For the ANC to come out in defence of their President Cyril Ramaphosa is very dangerous. But we are not surprised that this corrupt party is closing ranks, they were doing the same with Jacob Zuma, they defended him blindly in all his corrupt activities, such as the Shabir Shaik and Nkandla cases and even with State Capture, it is just a matter of time Cyril Ramaphosa will be exposed. Cyril  Ramaphosa and his bunch have betrayed the trust of the people.

It is the ANC and it's leaders who are on trial at the Zondo Commission and other forums established through public pressure to clean up corruption. Fact is that Cyril Ramaphosa is highly compromised and complicit in the "9 wasted years" that ushered endemic corruption and destruction of Eskom and other state owned entities .

COPE is very proud of our President, Mosiuoa Lekota. We don't have any doubt that he is a leader with a corrupt free profile. We are proud that Lekota or any other leader of COPE names are not coming up at the Zondo Commission unlike those of ANC and its Alliance partners. 

We are fully behind President Lekota and support him all the way as he fights against corruption, maladministration and unethical leaders who betrayed our struggles. 

Statement issued by COPE National Secretary of Communications, Dennis Bloem, 15 February 2019