Cowardly FNB pulled videos from Youtube - ANCYL

League says bank was caught with its pants down, calls on it to release ALL videos

FNB must stop lying to the nation

The ANC Youth League has noted that First National Bank has chosen to peddle rumours to hide their despicable acts against the people and government of South Africa. They hide behind a single, innocent advert broadcast on TV and remain omniously silent on the many other videos they had created and through a covert and premeditated campaign distributed on YouTube via FNBTV. First National Banlk has subsequently removed these videos and are attempting to clean their dirty deeds behind some flimsy statement of "trying to help".

We call upon FNB to release ALL the videos, including the one entitled "A speech by Tiara", so that South Africans may engage on this issue from a point of information. This cowardly act of removing the videos is nothing but the act of capital caught with its pants down, unmasked as we said, and totally vindicates our position. FNB should just do the noble thing and apologise to the people of South Africa, once we have all had an opportunity to view the videos, perhaps our people may believe it may have been a lapse of judgement rather than the more sinister and treasonous act we still believe it is.

Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, January 21 2013

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