FF+ launches Prosecute Malema website

Anton Alberts says the public is fed up with the ANCYL president


The Freedom Front Plus' Federal Executive Management formally took a decision on Friday (2010-03-12) to launch an anti-Malema campaign in the interest of all South Africans in general and Afrikaners and minorities in particular. "The campaign starts this week with the theme ‘Prosecute Malema'. It follows on the criminal charges which the party's leader, Dr. Pieter Mulder, had laid against Malema last week due to his hate speech against farmers. It is of cardinal importance for our future security and economic integrity to stop the Malema train. Farm murders have to stop and food security has to be ensured," Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus parliamentary spokesperson on Economic Development for the FF Plus said.

The campaign consists of the gathering of signatures via e-mail as well as through the establishment of an activism website where a protest letter, directed to President Zuma, can be signed. These letters will be given to Zuma to inform him of the public's dissatisfaction with Malema and to place the ANC under pressure to take disciplinary steps against Malema. It is also important that the ANC will be able to see clearly that the public's patience is at an end with reckless leaders such as Malema. The ANC only understands one language and that is firm demonstrations. That is why this action is of cardinal interest and in support of the various complaints which have been laid against the ANC youth leader.

The FF Plus therefore asks the public to support it at the following webpage:  

Statement issued by Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus Parliamentary Spokesperson: Economic Development, March 18 2010

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