Lindiwe Mazibuko can't relate to African traditions - ANC

Party rejects with contempt DA PL's call for President Zuma to retract his remarks


The African National Congress rejects with contempt the call made by Lindiwe Mazibuko that President Jacob Zuma retract his statement he made towards businesses that support the ANC. The ANC supports the call made by President Zuma that 'businesses that support the ANC will prosper'. It is a sad fact that Lindiwe Mazibuko is so naive when it comes to African traditions that she cannot relate to them. It is our tradition as Africans that if someone gives you something, in return you thank him/her and wish them prosperity and abundance.

It is also a fact that the ANC is the only party in South Africa that has economic and business friendly policies.  The implication of this reality is that if business wants to proper in South Africa, they have to support the ANC as their prosperity is dependent on the ANC  being at the helm of South Africa's government.  The ANC has demonstrated its pro-business stance by establishing a Progressive Business Forum to ensure that business contributes in our policies.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC national spokesperson, January 14 2013

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