Tony Ehrenreich: Still clueless after all these years - Patricia de Lille

Cape Town mayor says there is no ‘witch-hunt against black professionals' in the City

ANC clueless yet again

The ANC's statement today regarding a so-called ‘ ‘witch-hunt against black professionals'in the City of Cape Town once again exposes Tony Ehrenreich's ineptitude. It is a classic example of Ehrenreich wearing two caps as both ANC Caucus Leader and provincial COSATU Secretary-General. His statement is nothing more than proof of the fact that he is failing hopelessly in both roles.

If Mr Maqetuka and Advocate Mayimele-Hathastse need representation by a shop steward, Tony Ehrenreich would be a very bad choice.

The alleged ‘spate of resignations' has in fact been the voluntary resignation of two Executive Directors out of the 11 Executive Directors in the City of Cape Town.

The resignations of both Advocate Mayimele-Hashatse and Mr Maqetuka were not at all related to their performance. Instead, they both resigned of their own volition for personal reasons. The Public Protector can therefore investigate these resignations with pleasure and conduct interviews about said personal reasons.

The post for a senior manager in the Corporate Services Directorate was null and void because the Executive Director did not follow due process. The accusations regarding the appointment of a senior manager to drive employment equity being taken away from Advocate Mayimele- Hashatse are therefore devoid of the truth. 

The position of Director: Employment Equity was advertised by the Corporate Services Directorate on 18 and 19 October 2014 with a closing date of 31 January 2015, without the position having been approved by the Mayoral Committee as required in terms of Council's delegations of power. Applications were received and interviews scheduled, still without the post having been approved or graded.

The City Manager intervened in the process and instructed the Executive Director to cease until the post was duly approved and only after an Employment Equity Plan was developed and approved by the City Manager. If this constitutes ‘qualifie(d) as a constructive dismissal' in terms of Tony Ehrenreich's confused understanding, then Advocate Mayimele- Hashatse would be free to challenge it in court.

Furthermore, no one in the Mayor's Office is currently doing an MBA, nor is anyone registered to do an MBA in the future. Instead of making up facts and lying, Councillor Ehrenreich should try and work in the real world along with the rest of us. In the real world, our latest figures show that we are performing well in terms of employment equity.

Our latest statistics display the deep commitment we have to employment equity. 65,5% of people from employment equity target groups are employed in the three highest levels of management in the City of Cape Town. The City achieved or exceeded the majority of its employment equity performance targets during this period.

This is as a result of the prioritisation of building an inclusive city where our workforce mirrors the diversity of our city. The City cannot prevent people from resigning for personal reasons but Councillor Ehrenreich should stop shadow-boxing with demons that only he can see.

Statement issued by Patricia de Lille, Executive Mayor of the City of Cape Town, January 26 2015

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