We rejected PAE's lobbying proposal - IPASA

Pharmaceutical Association says no payment or pledge has been made in any respect

IPASA Statement on reports of proposed advocacy campaign

Innovative Pharmaceutical Association SA (IPASA)'s Chief Operating Officer, Val Beaumont issued the following statement on Friday following media reports about IPASA's engagement of Public Affairs agency Public Affairs Engagement (PAE):

"Innovative Pharmaceutical Association SA (IPASA) can confirm that it has not engaged the consultancy PAE to lobby on intellectual property or any other matter in South Africa.  PAE submitted a proposal for a campaign, which was reviewed and subsequently rejected by IPASA members, and no payment or pledge has been made in any respect.

As an industry association that represents the views of multiple stakeholders within the Pharmaceutical Industry, IPASA regularly engages in advocacy activities on critical policy issues. The draft IP Policy is a matter of vital importance to the future of the healthcare sector in our country and to all other innovative industries in South Africa.  IPASA has participated in the DTI's public consultation process and has made a written submission to the Department of Trade and Industry with respect to the draft national IP policy published last year (A copy of IPASA's submission to the DTI on the draft policy can be found here). 

As stated in our written submission to the DTI - IPASA supports the broad objectives of the draft national policy on IP.  A number of the recommendations outlined in the draft national policy relating to health are already possible through existing legislation.  These include mechanisms for both compulsory and voluntary licensing and parallel importation. IPASA has raised questions in the submission on how such existing legislation will be integrated under the proposed policy framework.

Innovative medicines from our sector have contributed significantly in improving healthcare and we are committed to working with government into the future."


IPASA represents 26 leading pharmaceutical companies who are dedicated to exploring, developing and bringing innovative, quality medicines to the South African market. Only companies that conduct their own research and development qualify for membership.

IPASA works to promote:

- A patient-focused healthcare system with universal access to quality care;
- An environment conducive to investment, continued development and sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry;
- Respect for and protection of intellectual property rights;
- Ethical conduct and practices; and
- Adherence to the Code of Marketing Practice.

Statement issued by Val Beaumont, Chief Operating Officer: Innovative Pharmaceutical Association SA (IPASA), January 17 2014

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