Workers who killed Terre'Blanche were exploited - Solly Phetoe

COSATU NW provincial secretary nonetheless condemns the killing of the AWB leader


The Congress of South African Trade Unions and its affiliates in the North West province condemn strongly the brutal killing of the AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche. The AWB and its allies must however stop linking the killings of their leader with politics because there is no politics in the his killing.

The poor workers were exploited. The worst thing is that child labour was practiced by the farmer. He employed a 15-year-old boy which is against the law.

COSATU is calling for the police to do its work and investigate the killing of the AWB leader. Those who are implicated must face the court.

Government must also put structures in place to investigate the relationship between the farmers and farm workers/dwellers.

As COSATU in the province we have been complaining with evidence to the Department of Labour, Department of Justice including Safety and Security but nothing has happened.

The national and provincial government and politicians who are making statement about the killing of AWB leader must do the same with poor farm workers who are killed and mistaken with baboons, brutally killed, assaulted, or mauled by lions.

The killing of Mr. Terre'Blanche has nothing to do with the song. COPE must also visit those families that lost their families due to the brutal killings by their own farmers.

Statement issued by COSATU North West Provincial Secretary, Solly Nani Phetoe, April 6 2010

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