100 000 signatures for Expropriation Bill petition - SGM

DA MP says these are ordinary citizens who have decided to join party in objecting to dangerous bill

DA receives 100 000 signatures to Expropriation Bill petition

3 March 2021

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has received over 100 000 signatures on our petition objecting to the Expropriation Bill. We are now well on our way to obtaining 150 000 signatures.

We are grateful that so many South Africans have made their voices heard by participating in this public participation process.

These are ordinary South Africans who have decided to join the DA in objecting to the dangerous ANC-sponsored bill which, if passed, could strip South Africans of their personal property rights.

We encourage South Africans, who have not yet submitted their objection to the Bill, to sign our petition via the portal on www.protectpropertyrights.co.za.

Once the DA has received 150 000 signatures, we will submit the petition objecting to the Expropriation Bill to the Portfolio Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure, on behalf of these concerned South Africans.

We cannot allow the question of land ownership to be dealt with exclusively by the governing party. Doing so would not only spell disaster for the economy but would also place people’s homes, businesses and land at risk.

Land reform is critical in South Africa, but we do not have to change the Constitution, undermine the right to own property, and sink South Africa’s economy for land reform to take place.

We call on every single South African to take a stand and object to this bill by urgently signing our petition.

Issued bySamantha Graham-Maré,DA Shadow Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, 3 March 2021