All past matriculants should apply for university in 2018 - Julius Malema

EFF leader says Fighters will ensure priority is not only given to those who can afford to pay


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Fellow South Africans and African Sisters and brothers, I greet you all in the name of the revolution. We must make sure that in 2018 all academically deserving students are admitted freely in South African universities and FET colleges. 

We call upon all those who passed Matric extremely well in the past and found themselves as petrol attendants, retail or security workers because they couldn’t afford university fees to report at the academic institution of their choice next year.

The EFF will be at the gates of all learning institutions to ensure that priority is not only given to those who can afford to pay. 

In 2018 we will also ensure that our public health facilities function much better, particularly public hospitals. We acknowledge that our public healthcare system has collapsed, making the poor to die prematurely. We will demand that a proper, quality, free and accessible healthcare system is provided to the poor.

We must join hands in 2018 to fight against abuse of women and children, in particular the girl child. We must unashamedly and in a radical way, fight against patriarchal violence, rape and femicide from our homes to public spaces.

Fellow Africans, we must be safe on the roads because the revolution needs us in 2018 and to all those who will be in festivities please enjoy responsibly.

To all the oppressed peoples of the world, we extend our best new year wishes; your pain is our pain. Africa, my beautiful continent, we need peace, security, stability and economic growth in the new year. Africa should benefit from her natural and mineral resources in 2018. 

A revolutionary happy new year to all. 


Statement issued by CIC Sello Julius Malema, 30 December 2017