ANC & SABC censorship hid Tshwane chaos – COPE

Party says ruling party trying its best not to publicize its problems

ANC & SABC cencorship hid Tshwane chaos

21 June 2016 

ANC cadres acted criminally and violently in Tshwane on Monday. It left those who experienced it traumatized and shocked. Viewers of SABC would not have seen the mayhem that the ANC cadres caused.

ANC cadres are demonstrating that fighting for positions and defeating each other and one another is far more important than the health or well-being of the people. It was a brutal and violent display of dog-eat-dog.

The ANC is trying its best not to publicize its problems nor of its rule over the past seven years. Obsessive self-interest is subsuming the larger public interest. The nomination of Thoko Didiza as the ANC’s mayoral candidate has upset self-absorbed cadres who were waiting to cash in. Their response to being blocked was to unleash frightening violence and destruction.

It is so disturbing to the nation that ANC cadres are blocking freeways, highways, railroads and toll gates. The N1 to Limpopo was closed for a long period. Public services were being put on hold. Businesses were disrupted and brand South Africa took blows to the head. Hooligans want to control the ANC so that hooliganism can rule South Africa.

Congress of the People (COPE) calls on the ruling party to discipline its cadres who went berserk yesterday. As the cadres fight and shoot and kill, society is suffering. Ambulances are held up, workers are delayed getting to work, businesses are losing turn over and the fabric of society is tearing.

Our Constitution permits orderly demonstrations. However what we are seeing is another demonstration of the Constitution being trampled on by the ANC. The ANC and the SABC anticipated what was going to happen during the elections and that is why both ordered censorship of violent demonstration. Neither wanted the nation to see the ugly face of the ANC. Viewers of SABC would have missed out. Viewers of ETV, however, did not. How long will this right exist under the ANC's democratic autocracy?

That is the R10-billion rand question. That is the question ANC supporters will have to ponder.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, COPE Spokesperson, 21 June 2016