ANC's lapses saddening - Marius Fransman

WCape leader says media attacks on him continue unabated as he read in the press that he is to be subjected to a disciplinary hearing

Mr Marius Fransman Chairperson, ANC Western Cape, Responding to the 12 July statement of Secretary General Gwede Mantashe on the Integrity Commission recommendation in the harassment complaint against me, as noted by the National Working Committee, Wednesday, 13 July 2016 17h00

I am saddened and injured by the procedural and assurance lapses of my beloved ANC in the management to date of the unsubstantiated sexual harassment accusation against me.

This matter had been managed in a manner that I believe to be unprocedural, insensitive, insulting, disrespectful, slow and tardy.

Contrary to expectations that I would be expeditiously informed of recommendations, decisions, and progress, I have had to bear the embarrassment of receiving progress reports, relevant developments, decisions, and often contradictory and conflicting statements by the ANC through the media.

As a seasoned ANC leader my respect for the organization, its principles and procedures, and its constitution remains steadfast. The management of this process to date has effectively neutralized me as a cadre and leader to participate in the ANC 2016 local government elections campaign, a campaign which I believe should consume all individual and collective attention of all cadres.

The ANC is still a robust political force after more than 104 years because it fostered a respected set of checks and balances ensuring that all members are treated equally. The Secretary General is the custodian of this heritage. To this end I have informed him of my concerns and that I have not been treated with expected respect, justness, impartiality and fairness demanded by the distinctive ANC spirit.

I am aware of the claim by the publication City Press, that it has a leaked Integrity Commission report on the accusal against me in its possession. I am also aware of the public claim by SG Mantashe that this leaked report is false. Should the report indeed be false, a decision on responsibility to retrieve the false report and investigate its origin and distribution is immediately due. In any event, I demand an apology from City Press; or proof that the report in its possession is authentic, by providing me with a copy.

The media attacks on me continue unabated as I read in the press that I am to be subjected to a disciplinary hearing. I have, however, not been informed of such a serious development.

In fact, it is a travesty of justice to publicly announce a disciplinary process based on a decision of the NWC, without officially informing the concerned member.

I believe that this process to date has been influenced, tainted, and marred by factionalist politics to unceremoniously and unconstitutionally neutralise me and ultimately remove me from the democratically elected position of provincial chairperson.

I have long warned that factionalism must die for the ANC to live and prosper. I call on such irresponsible parties to desist and not to embarrass the ANC further through any more strategic leaks.

I respectfully also submit that this ill-managed process has caused my family and me significant trauma and harm. It has also damaged the morale of some of our structures, and weakened our ANC election machinery in the Western Cape.

I am disquieted and disappointed by indications that the very custodians of the proud ANC ethos may disregard its inviolable principles for some factional gain.

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape chairperson, Marius Fransman, 13 July 2016