ANCWL distressed by reaction of some men to Pistorius bail ruling

League condemns Kenny Kunene in particular for jumping up as if he had won a trophy


The ANCWL respects the decision of the court to grant Oscar Pistorius bail. We would however like to express our disappointment in the conduct of the investigating officer who seemed unprofessional and unprepared during his cross examination.

We remain vigilant in our demand for justice in the murder case of Reeva Steenkamp and are satisfied that the charges remain a schedule 6 offense carrying a possible life sentence if found guilty.

What is particularly distressing for the ANCWL is the reaction of some men in court who jumped up and celebrated the granting of bail as if they had won a trophy, forgetting that an innocent woman has lost her life. One of those was Kenny Kunene who has previously shown a lack respect for women by eating sushi off their naked bodies, treating women as nothing more than crockery.

This is not the message men of this country, especially men with a degree of influence, should be sending to our youth. More so considering the high levels of gender based violence that plague the country.

Statement issued by Jackie Mofokeng, ANC Women's League, Gauteng, February 22 2013

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