ANCWYL disgusted by SABC’s labelling of NDZ

League says broadcaster has taken to describing ANC candidate as ‘mini-Zuma’ and ‘Zuma ex-wife’


23 September 2017

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) has noted with disgust that the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) TV news has degenerated into being a proponent of patriarchy and cheerleaders of male chauvinism. 

The Broadcasting Act 4 of 1999  (as amended) mandates the SABC to contribute to democracy, development of society, gender equality, nation building, provision of education and strengthening the spiritual and moral fibre of society. However, it is evident that SABC TV News has been co-opted by the advocates of patriarchy and cheerleaders of male chauvinism to run a malicious and barbaric agenda that is aimed at stripping  off the dignity and identity of Cde Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma . 

The SABC TV News has lately been labelling Cde Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as "Mini-Zuma" and "Zuma ex-wife". Cde Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is a medical doctor by profession. She served as the first female Chairperson of the African Union. She is the former Minister of Home Affairs, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of Health and currently a Member of Parliament in National Assembly. She served as member of the Gender Advisory Committee during the negotiations at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa. 

The SABC TV News and its patriachist masters must appreciate that Cde Dr Nkosazana has been in the forefront in the struggle for liberation of the people of South Africa and she received the Order Of Luthuli Award in Gold for her contribution to the liberation struggle in South Africa. She has been selflessly serving within the structures of the ANC and never left the organisation. No amount of malicious attacks by praise singers of patriarchy and advocates of male chauvinism will erase her struggle and academic credentials.

The ANCWL is also appalled by the silence of the Commission of Gender Equality (CGE) when a public broadcaster is intensify it's gender oppression programs and reducing Cde Dr Nkosazana as nothing but  "Mini-Zuma" and "Zuma ex-wife". The ANCWL's  expectations on CGE is that it is a body that has to promote respect for gender equality and the protection, development and attainment of gender equality. The deafening silence of the CGE on this matter is very loud for the ANCWL to question the understanding of the functions of CGE by the CGE Commissioners and the staff. 

The ANCWL demands that the Ministry of women be vocal and condemn this barbaric malicious agenda by SABC TV News. Furthermore, the ANCWL demands that the Minister of Communications in her capacity as a shareholder representative at SABC demand answers from the SABC Board on this matter. Any SABC management conniving with forces to assassinate the character of Cde Dr Nkosazana  must be exposed and be expelled from the SABC structures by the SABC Board. 

The ANCWL under the leadership of President Cde Bathabile Dlamini and the collective calls on all its members and supporters to continue mobilising, organising and uniting South African Women to participate in the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed groups.

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 23 September 2017