Chaos in eThekwini must be placed on Zandile’s doorstep – Zwakele Mncwango

DA KZN leader says MKMVA protest is what happens when politicians make empty promises

Chaos in eThekwini must be placed on Zandile’s doorstep

4 April 2018

The chaotic scenes witnessed around Durban City Hall yesterday where members of MKMVA blocked Durban roads is a result of what happens when politicians make empty promises to the people in order to garner support. In 2015, in her greed for the position of ANC chairperson, Zandile Gumede promised the former soldiers jobs, houses and tenders. Years on since she took the position, these promises are yet to be kept and the soldiers have lost their patience with her. I am on record questioning the Mayor on these empty promises made to people.

What is of concern to us is the negative impact these protests have on the stability of the city. Businesses around eThekwini had to shut down because of this protest, even staff members who work for the municipality were held at hostage by the protesters who occupied the City Hall building.

All of this is the outcome of avaricious leaders who are power hungry and will do whatever it takes to get into power. Zandile must be held liable for all this chaos in eThekwini. Politicians like her provoke people and people react when expectations are not met.

We are also concerned about her silence on the announcement made by the organization Delangokubona which is known for using violent tactics to solve its problems. In a press conference, Delangokubona announced that they were going to defend the eThekwini Mayor no matter what happens. The question we are asking ourselves is that who are they going to defend from? Who is fighting with her? Truth must be told that eThekwini is leaderless, the current Mayor lacks vision and instead is suffocated with greed and power hunger.

The DA is calling for cool heads to urgently end this impasse that has a potential to bring the economic hub of the province to a standstill. Total change that will bring credible people in a leadership position is what is needed in eThekwini and the whole province.

Issued by Zwakele Mncwango, DA KZN Leader, 4 April 2018