COSATU supports ANCWL mini-skirt march

Federation says recent attacks at taxi ranks have highlighted problem of women abuse

COSATU supports Mini-Skirt March Against Women Abuse

The Congress of South African Trade Unions wholeheartedly supports the ANC Women's League's Mini-Skirt March Against Women Abuse on Friday 17 February 2012. We congratulate them on this brilliant initiative and urge all our members to join the march.

The recent attacks on women wearing miniskirts at taxi ranks have cast the spotlight on a deep-seated problem of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and violence which women face daily, at home, at work and just walking in the streets.

It is a national scandal, reflecting the continuation of a counter-revolutionary, patriarchal attitude to women's constitutional right to be treated with respect as equal citizens in a non-sexist South Africa. As the Gauteng ANCWL so rightly says:

"The struggle for women emancipation is not over until all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse against women come to an end. The dehumanisation of women must come to a halt. Our sisters have every right to wear miniskirts or any forms of clothing without fear of being humiliated or discriminated against. No taxi driver has a right to insult and use abusive language."

16 days of activism against the abuse of women and children is not enough. COSATU agrees with the ANC WL's call for an all-year-round campaign to put an end to this social scourge, 365 days of struggle to end the abuse of our women on the streets or anywhere.

The 1956 Women's March against the pass laws was a milestone in our liberation struggle. Friday's march can draw inspiration from the courage of those heroines and  continue the struggle for the total emancipation of women from discrimination and abuse.

Join the ANC WL on Friday and say NO to abuse!

You strike a woman, you strike a rock!

  • Date: 17 February 2012
  • Time: 14h00
  • Depart: Bree Street Taxi Rank
  • Destination: High Court, Pritchard Street
  • Dress Code: Women can dress as they feel comfortable, but are encouraged to wear mini-skirts!

For more information contact Dumisa Ntuli at 071 526 0598 or Troy Martens at 078 120 9880

Statement issued by Patrick Craven, COSATU national spokesperson, February 15 2012

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