Creating a constitutional crisis through ANC incompetence – Afrikanerbond

Organisation says it is truly an amazing pity that Ramaphosa has placed his own integrity at stake in an attempt to save ANC

Creating a Constitutional crisis through ANC incompetence – possible political realignment can follow

1 August 2018  

The announcement last night by Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC president, that the ANC will support constitutional amendments to allow expropriation without compensation cannot be a shock to anyone.

It has long been clear that the ANC has its back against the wall as regards land reform and other policy matters. Decades of mismanagement, failures and incompetence, corruption, policy turnarounds, ideological confusion and rejection of any well-intentioned advice, and clear and proven land proposals have now placed the ANC in a position from which they can no longer escape. The only escape route is to create a possible constitutional crisis by making changes to the Constitution. Unfortunately, no  assurances that it will not bring greater uncertainty or economic disaster can be believed anymore.

The ANC's inability to make a success of land reform within a framework of expropriation without compensation is undermined by its own record of governance. Any constitutional amendment will start a process to camouflage other failures with similar changes to the constitution.

It is truly an amazing pity that Mr Ramaphosa has placed his own integrity at stake in an attempt to save the ANC. With this decision, the ANC have nullified all assurances and promises, as well as any parliamentary processes. Traditional leaders should therefore also not be too sure of any assurances given to them. 

What has become clear with the announcement, is that the ANC has begun an irreversible process of political realignment to bring Mr Malema and the EFF on board. This sends a message to every South African that no safeguard and guarantee in the constitution is secure anymore because political expedience is more important than constitutional rights and values. The first constitutional right to be swept aside is property rights.

Political realignment of the entire political landscape is now inevitable. The ANC and its political brutes chose the Freedom Charter with its outdated values ​​and ideals above the Constitution. Too often in the past, the constitution has been pointed out as an irritation. The political realignment will now clearly divide those adhering to the Freedom Charter (Charterists) on the one hand versus those who promote constitutional values. This new patriotic and democratic front in support of the Constitution has no choice but to cross old and established political lines to promote the South Africa that was foreseen and established in 1994. This must include parliamentary and extra-parliamentary institutions.  Unfortunately, the ANC can no longer be part of the ideal.

Issued by Jaco Schoeman, Chairperson, Afrikanerbond, 1 August 2018