DA blacklisting of Ana Majavu abhorrent - NUMSA

Castro Ngobese says opposition is the real enemy of media freedom in SA

NUMSA Statement on the Censorship of Sowetan Correspondent by the Nazi-inspired DA!

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) abhors the censorship of Sowetan journalist Anna Majavu by the Nazi-inspired Democratic Alliance (DA) (see Sowetan report).

This dastardly censorship of Majavu by the DA confirms that the DA is the real threat and enemy of media freedom in South Africa. The DA's actions are nothing else, but inspired by Nazi's propagandist Joseph Goebells of embedded newsrooms and journalistic work to advance a particular political agenda.

We call on Majavu and other journalist to remain resolute in their work and not to succumb to media-preneurship as represented by the DA and their cohorts. The journalist should be fearless and use the barrel of the pen to expose nakedly the racist supremacy and anti-working class agenda of the DA.

We are proud of the excellent work that Majavu as a progressive journalist par excellence. On the ongoing class struggles waged by the working class, be struggles for better wages at the point of production or about the open-air-toilets erected by the DA, or the barbaric installation of tollgates, Majavu she is there as a symbol of an organic journalist in the mould of Ruth First.

This censorship by the self-anointed and fake champions of media freedom is a betrayal to the struggles for a free media in a post apartheid South Africa, which was attained through the selfless blood of Ruth First, Nat Nekasa and many other great media activist produced by our revolution.

As Numsa, we are extremely concerned by the loud silence by the South African National Editors Forum and National Press Club on this deplorable censorship of Majavu.

Statement issued by Castro Ngobese, NUMSA National Spokesperson, February 10 2011

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