DA must remove Majavu from their blacklist - SAMWU

Union says Sowetan journalist targeted for writing critical stories about opposition

SAMWU warns DA about its behaviour

The largest Local Government Union SAMWU would like to condemn the DA's immature behaviour; this is in response to the article that appeared in this morning's Sowetan newspaper, titled "Childish DA blacklists our reporter" (see report).

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has decided to blacklist a political reporter for her previous working experience. The Sowetan's political reporter Anna Majavu worked for SAMWU before but not anymore. Her previous working experience has no bearing on the work she is currently doing and it does by no means affect her Journalistic integrity.

The DA is deliberately targeting reporters that are investigating sensitive stories relating to its organization.

The Union is aware of the story Majavu wrote about how DA MP Pieter van Dalen shot at two children in Khayelitsha. We congratulate Majavu for her exemplary investigative skills, in picking up and investigating the story, in order to get to the bottom of what had taken place on the day of the wretched shooting in Khayelitsha.

SAMWU will support and protect freedom of expression and the freedom of the media at any cost. Our members in Local Government know all too well how important it is to be able to raise issues of a sensitive nature.

We demand that the DA immediately remove Majavu and any other Journalist from their disgraceful blacklist and to immediately refrain from such undemocratic processes.

Statement issued by SAMWU Deputy General Secretary Walter Theledi, February 10 2011

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