DA exposes attempted PSC coverup – Leon Schreiber

MP demands that President immediately fire the ANC’s Bonnie and Clyde

DA exposes attempted PSC coverup and demands that Ramaphosa immediately fire the ANC’s Bonnie and Clyde

15 July 2020

Note to Editors: Today the Democratic Alliance (DA) laid criminal charges against the ANC’s Bonnie and Clyde, Dovhani Mamphiswana and Boitumelo Mogwe at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

Please find attached a picture and soundbite.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is outraged that President Cyril Ramaphosa has refused to suspend the Director-General of the Public Service Commission, Dr DovhaniMamphiswana, despite a finding from an advocate appointed by the Office of the State Attorney that Mamphiswana committed “premeditated deceit, dishonesty, fraud and corruption calculated to deceive other members of the panel, the Chairperson of the PSC, public service and the citizens of the Republic of South Africa.”

As far back as 6 February, the investigating attorney, SmangaSethene, recommended to Ramaphosa that he should suspend Mamphiswana – who reports directly to the President – on the basis of allegations that Mamphiswana illegally influenced the appointment of his mistress and the mother of his child, Boitumelo Mogwe, to the position of Chief Director: Professional Ethics. However, according to Sethene’s report that was released on 8 July, “to date, the President has not suspended the DG.”

The DA’s suspicions that Ramaphosa and his government are attempting to coverup the crimes committed by their Bonnie and Clyde were confirmed by an internal PSC memorandum provided to the DA by a whistle-blower. The memorandum, which was sent to all public service commissioners on 13 July by the PSC’s director for litigation and legal services at the request of the PSC chairperson, advocate Richard Sizani, attempts to classify Sethene’s report as “confidential.”

This is despite the fact that Sethene explicitly directed the PSC to publish his full report, entitled Professionally Unethical, on the PSC website.

The taxpayers of South Africa, who continue to fork out for Bonnie’s salary of R1.3 million and Clyde’s salary of nearly R2 million per year, should not be milked by this criminal couple for even one more day. Ramaphosa and his government must immediately fire Mamphiswana and Mogwe, and launch legal proceedings to claim back the money they defrauded from the people of South Africa.

Amidst a renewed orgy of ANC looting, our country can simply no longer afford to have a spectator occupying the highest office in the land. For this reason, the DA will be writing to Ramaphosa to find out whether he intends to fire Bonnie and Clyde. If he again chooses ANC cadres over country, the DA will obtain a legal opinion on whether we can hold the President legally accountable for gross dereliction of his constitutional duty.

Issued byLeon Schreiber,DA Shadow Minister for Public Service and Administration, 15 July 2020