Dictatorial Lekota planting anarchy - COPE YM

Anele Mda also slams Ndude, Ngonyama and Dexter as helpless and clueless



COPE Youth Movement believes that South Africa yearns for a stable and cohesive COPE. Today as the Congress of the People Youth Movement we are highly concerned and disappointed of the recent conduct of the President of COPE cde Lekota who has made it his mission to entrench his dictatorial views and planting anarchy in our organization. We observe with sadness that the President of COPE has consistently dispatched smses to influence members of the CWC/CNC not to attend the meeting of the Special CNC that was convened at COPE House on Monday 26 April 2010.

COPEYM notes also that the helpless and clueless Hilda Ndude, Smuts Ngonyama and Phillip Dexter who have respectively failed in executing their tasks became champions of anarchy unleashed by Lekota to undermine the integrity of the General Secretary of Cope cde Lobe and as Youth Movement we will not tolerate this. We have come to fight hard the temptation to believe that the leaders who we so trusted with the task of leading in these above portfolios including that of the President may be anointed spies and forces of darkness who report to our rivals on the promise of their dirty work not getting exposed in the open in future.

Youth Movement want to reiterate its stance that we are aware of the rent a mob approach which has been orchestrated since the CNC meeting which took a decision On the Presidential candidate as Dr. Dandala as opposed to the greedy stand by one who saw himself as a messiah. This has been a mafia and thug approach which has been unleashed at all times when cde Terror cannot get things his way and we reiterate without fear as COPE Youth Movement that no one owns COPE shares because it's not a business entity and no Man or Woman will unleash factionalism and anarchy in COPE and remain unchallenged.

We take from the words of Franz Fanon " Each generation must discover its mission, either fulfil or betray it" and as the Youth Movement we are committed in fighting for the rot of anarchy that is being unleashed in this organization with all it takes as the future leaders of COPE.

Issued by
Ms Mda
COPE Youth Movement
National Chairperson

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