Dismal housing provision continues under failed ANC govt– Solly Malatsi

DA MP says access to housing is a constitutional right, yet poor SAns still denied dignified houses

Dismal housing provision continues under the failed ANC government

18 June 2018

Today, on our oversight visit to the various housing sites in the Eastern Cape, the DA learnt of the plight of residents who continue to live in absolute squalor as there are no basic services due to the stalled housing project in Vergenoeg.

In Phakamisa, we encountered a staggering number of 991 RDP houses which are being illegally occupied and have also been vandalised. These houses represent yet another failure of the ANC government, showcasing shoddy workmanship, a waste of public funds and no concern for legitimate beneficiaries who have waited decades for their homes.

The residents have informed us that the main source of the problem allegedly emanates from the manipulation of the beneficiary list by the local ANC councillor which has resulted in illegal occupation of the houses and vandalism.

These oversight visits forms part of the DA’s continued plan to conduct inspections across the country to expose rampant corruption and the ANC government’s utter failure to deliver quality housing.

Access to housing is a constitutional right, yet poor South Africans are still denied dignified houses by an uncaring ANC government. Under a DA government, people will not be forced to suffer the consequences corruption which denies them a house to call a home.

South Africans desperately deserve better yet the ANC government’s continue ineffectiveness and rampant corruption continue to compromise much-needed resources and services.

The ANC government’s failure to execute its mandate demands a response from the electorate. In 2019, the people of the Eastern Cape will have the opportunity to free themselves of the failing ANC-government and to vote in a Party with a proven track record. In 2019, South Africans can choose to cast their ballot for dignified living conditions and safe housing.

The ANC government cannot be allowed to continue denying our people the dignity of owning a proper and safe home and the DA will not tire in its quest to hold government accountable.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA Shadow Minister of Human Settlements, 18 June 2018