"Don't mess with Christina!" - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, April 22 2014

Daily Sun (April 22 2014) - THUGS rape and kill women every day. But this evil laaitie picked the wrong woman. SHE KICKED HIS 4-5 AND FOUGHT HIM UNTIL HE RAN AWAY!

Christina Ndlovu (42) told the People's Paper how she was about to wash and go to bed on Sunday last week.

Suddenly, a young would-be rapist pushed open the door of her backyard room in Joburg's Alexandra township.

She recognised the local loafer when he grabbed a knife off her table - and aimed it at her eyes.

He knew Christina lived alone and took her for an easy rape victim.

But he was shocked when she quickly proved him wrong.

Christina said: "I had to fight him.

"Women are raped every day. I wasn't going to let him rape me."

Christina said the man told her not to scream or he would cut her eyes out.

"I kept quiet," she said.

"But while he was trying to take off my panties with his left hand . . . I kicked his 4-5!"

Christina said the man grabbed her as she reached for her door.

"He pinned me on the floor, punching my face, but I fought back," she said.

Christina said the man kept saying he had been trying to get her attention but she kept ignoring him.

"I have seen him before in the yard, gambling with the other boys who rent here, but we never spoke."

Christina said the man tried to stab her but she blocked the knife with her pillow.

"He jumped off me when someone walking past heard us fighting and knocked on the door," she said.

That's when her attacker ran away. Christina said that although she fought her attacker off, she was living in fear.

He sent her an SMS threat a couple of days later, saying he would return for her if she went to the police.

"I am scared to stay here because he's still hanging out with his friends. And I am scared to go to the police because the next time he comes he will make sure I'm dead," said Christina.

Alexandra police spokesman Constable Matome Tlamela advised Christina to open a case of attempted rape.

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