Double standards for Zille to use private jet - ANC WCape

Songezo Mjongile says DA leader's flying in opulence is hypocritical in extreme


The irony of DA leader Helen Zille hopping around the country in a private jet, while she claims to be restricting her provincial government to the use of economic class air travelling is more proof of the DA's double standards, says the ANC.

Western Cape ANC provincial secretary Songezo Mjongile says the DA has no qualms to allow its leader to travel on private jets in elections over short distances, yet it criticise other government leaders' air travel at every possible opportunity. This is hypocritical in the extreme.

Zille travels in opulence, while she in the meantime purports to be caring for the poor by releasing her own version of the ministerial handbook which limits the provincial government's use of business class air travel at the "expense of the taxpayer".

Her lame excuse that the jet is loaned to her or the party just does not fly as the owner may write this off or some thereof as a "business expense" or "donation" against the taxpayer in any event.

"Zille pretends to be concerned when se parades in the townships, but in fact her party and most of its supporters do not care about the poor or ordinary people. She sits like a rich business woman in the jet with no bleeding heart for those over whose heads she flies, while many people in this country below do not even have a chair to sit on," says Mjongile.

Statement issued by Songezo Mjongile, ANC Western Cape provincial secretary, May 8 2011

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