Farm murders a form of terror – AfriForum

Organisation says people are furious about the situation in the country

Farm murders a form of terror, says AfriForum

6 October 2020

The civil rights organisation AfriForum addressed the community of Senekal today and branded farm attacks and murders as a form of terror.

This announcement came after the recent brutal murder of Brendin Horner (22) on a farm outside this town.

Representatives of AfriForum formed part of the thousands of people who came together on the day on which the suspects who had been arrested in connection with Horner’s murder appeared in court.

“The solution for the problem has two sides. The message of farm murders must be spread to the ends of the earth and taken to the council chambers of the United Nations to ensure that the international community takes note,” says Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s Head of Policy and Action. “The second part of the solution – which is even more important – is for people to realise that the government will not solve the crisis. Communities must rather become the solution themselves by joining community safety structures to enable them to look after their own safety,” Roets says.

AfriForum saw people outside the court expressing their sympathy and compassion, but they are also furious about the situation in the country.

“The fury that the people expressed here today is the consequence of the cruelty of a problem that simply persists, coupled with government’s lackadaisical attitude towards farm murders,” Roets concludes. 

Issued by Andrea van Wyk, Media Relations Officer, AfriForum, 6 October 2020