Hlaudi Motsoeneng disciplinary a stitch-up - James Selfe

DA CFE says party will almost certainly take the decision to exonerate SABC COO on review

DA to demand transcript of stitch-up Motsoeneng disciplinary

12 December 2015

The DA is unsurprised that the outcome of SABC Chief Operating Officer (COO), Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s disciplinary hearing has been exposed to be the whitewash we always suspected it would be. This follows the DA’s review application in which we sought to have Mr Motsoeneneg suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary inquiry that needed to be independent, fair and comprehensive.

In addition to seeking access to the transcript the DA will almost certainly take this decision on review on the grounds that it makes a mockery of the Rule of Law, the Public Protector’s report and judge Dennis Davis’s judgement.

This comes after the Chairperson of the disciplinary “discharged” the charges levelled against Mr Motsoeneng. Mr Motsoeneng pleaded not guilty to all three charges levelled against him for gross dishonesty, orchestrating purges and improperly dismissing employees at the national broadcaster.

The Chairperson of this disciplinary was only appointed a week ago and didn’t properly allow himself to consider all the facts. In addition to this:

The hearing itself was truncated;

Key witnesses were not called or were unavailable to provide key evidence in relation to Mr Motsoneneg’s gross misconduct;

The disciplinary inquiry ordered by the Public Protector entitled When Governance and Ethics Fail was not satisfactorily engaged which is bizarre considering that this is the disciplinary inquiry the Public Protector ordered; and 

Judgements by the Western Cape High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) were not duly engaged even though asserting that Mr Motsoeneng is in fact not a fit and proper person and that his permanence at the SABC is irrational on its face and should be set aside.

It is completely preposterous that the Chairperson can, erring in due process, can come to the determination that Mr Mosteneng is a suitable person to hold his position as COO.

We submit that this farcical stitch-up job and its outcome are exactly what Mr Motsoeneng, the SABC and the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi, concocted from the very beginning and have done everything in their power to frustrate this crucial process that has severe implications for the independence of our national broadcaster as prescribed by the constitutional precepts that this entity in enjoined by.

The DA will not accept this decision that cannot be rational or tenable in law and we will take it on review.

Statement issued by James Selfe MP, Chairperson of the DA's Federal Executive, 12 December 2015