I am the Western Cape ANC leader - Marius Fransman

My prolonged absence only the result of a poorly managed internal process

Mr Marius Fransman

Chairperson, ANC Western Cape


Saturday, 23 July 2016


I welcome the acknowledgement by the ANC on Thursday 21st July 2016 that I resume my duties and responsibilities as Western Cape ANC leader.

I note the enforced confusion about my status from media reports on adverse statements.

There is no confusion: I am the Western Cape ANC leader.

I have never ceased to be the Western Cape ANC leader since my election to the office. I have voluntarily stepped aside to allow the Integrity Commission to conclude its work without interference, and am now assuming my duties and responsibilities again at the conclusion of that process. My prolonged absence was only the result of a poorly managed internal process.

I declare my unwavering commitment to do what leaders do: take charge, and focus on the task at hand, and refuse to be side-tracked by individuals and groups bent on preventing me to ensure that ANC, the only organisation that can be trusted with advancing our people, returns to as many local governments as possible.

My refusal to be digressed permits only a brief reference to the many sanctimonious snipes by ballyhoo media hounds; frightened opponents from within the ANC, and the opposition DA and EFF; and pharisaical political personas attempting to hide in the shadows by directing the stage lights on me: It is indeed deplorable that a reputation can be subverted by unsubstantiated claims, even in the face of indisputable evidence against such claims. That people purporting to represent others, can promote soap opera agendas is too ghastly to contemplate. Period… for now; until my elections duties are met. Be advised that I will indeed return to meet my detractors head-on – with irrefutable facts, not yet released in deference to procedure, even compromised, and now belatedly concluded.

We have only 11 days to address the hearts and minds of the people of the Western Cape with compassion, energy and intelligence; and I will do everything within my power to meet the many calls on my ability to ensure the best possible showing by the ANC after months of distraction.

My reaction to the manufactured confusion will be communicated by my actions over the next 11 days.

The ANC is the organisation that I love. We must now unite and consolidate and make sure that the ANC is enlivened by our actions and enthusiasm in the Western Cape.

Under my leadership in the Western Cape, the ANC will fast track affordable housing and integrated human settlements; provide proper sanitation and ablutions to ensure human dignity in the townships; directly address child health care concerns by avoiding diarrhoea caused by poor water provision and inadequate sewage; steadfastly advance the circumstances of the working classes of all backgrounds; provide farmworkers with better opportunities and tenure security; and improve service delivery to all, especially to the poorest of the poor.

I call on all activists, volunteers and members to ensure that we liberate the Western Cape from the challenges of inequality and poverty.

Statement issued by Marius Fransman, 23 July 2016