IFP finds open toilets in Khutsong

Petros Sithole calls on Human Rights Commission to launch investigation


The IFP said today that the ruling party's slogan of 'a better life for all' was nothing more than cheap political rhetoric, after the IFP stumbled onto more open toilets during its local government election campaign in Ward 3, Khutsong, in the ANC-controlled Merafong City local municipality on the West Rand.

Open toilets have caused a big stink in recent months following the very public mud-slinging match between the ANC and the DA over the open toilets in Makhaza, Khayelitsha and in the Free State's Moqhaka municipality. Now the IFP can expose that there are in fact more open toilets which the ANC is trying to hide from the public.

"This latest abuse of the basic rights of the people of Khutsong is proof that the ANC has utterly failed the people of Khutsong. Not only has the ANC fallen behind its service delivery targets in terms of the provision of water, electricity and sanitation, its internal power struggle and greed have brought municipalities across the country to the brink of collapse and bankruptcy. We are calling on the Human Rights Commission to launch an urgent investigation into the dire situation in Khutsong," said Petros Sithole MP, the IFP's Chairperson in Gauteng.

Sithole called on communities across the country not to fall for the ANC's empty promises again on May 18. "We are not the kind of people who sling mud at others to make ourselves look good, but there is a time and a place to take a hard look at the people asking for your vote, and ask whether they are the right people for the job. Across the country there are feelings of hopelessness and frustration over the lack of service delivery. These feelings cannot be addressed with staid political slogans like 'working together we can do more'," said Sithole.

Speaking about the IFP, Sithole called on South Africans to vote for the only credible alternative on May 18. Said Sithole: "The voters' choice of candidates will no doubt hinge on the past record of political parties with regard to service delivery. The IFP has a proven track record at all levels of government. The IFP has a credible record of delivery of basic services in 32 of KwaZulu-Natal's municipalities. Our councilors take the people's concerns seriously. We will treat you with dignity and respect, because we are working for you and with you," concluded Sithole.

Statement issued by Mr Petros Sithole MP, IFP Gauteng Chairperson, May 11 2011

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