Open toilets expose ANC hypocrisy - COPE

Phillip Dexter says his party will be launching bucket barometer

Calling all South Africans to expose the ANC for its failure to provide sanitation and for feeding the public lies instead

The current ANC leadership has been exposed for what it is - a group of hypocrites. They were quick to attack the DA for providing "open toilets", yet it is now clear that the ANC provides the same, as in Viljoenskroon.

In Galashiwe, residents have to dig holes in the ground to dispose of human waste. In Meqheleng, Ficksburg, sanitation is so bad that people still use buckets to avoid stinking their homes out as the human waste "blows back".

The Congress of the People has been receiving reports of open toilets in Heilbron and elsewhere. The party is now calling on all South Africans who have no sanitation, poor sanitation, no water and other basic services to stand up up and let those in power know that they will no longer put up with their lies.

Those who have failed must be voted out of power. The party will establish a bucket barometer and record everytime those in office make excuses for not providing these basic services that our local governments are constitutionally required to provide to our citizens.

We challenge the media to give proper coverage to these issues.

To those apologists for the government, such as Prof. Adam Habib, who have made light of the fact that the basic constitutional rights of our citizens and their dignity are being violated in this way, we same shame on you.

Statement issued by COPE Head of Communications, Phillip Dexter, May 11 2011

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