Solidarity deplores accident at Lethabo

Union says investigation needed into maintenance or the lack of it at Eskom power stations

Solidarity deplores the accident at Lethabo power station – Demands investigation into maintenance at other power stations

11 October 2018

Solidarity today expressed its shock about the explosion at Eskom’s Lethabo power station, and was sad to learn that the explosion caused the death of one person and that others suffered severe injuries. The trade union also conveyed its condolences to the family of the deceased. 

According to Solidarity Deputy General Secretary Deon Reyneke, the trade union supports Eskom’s decision to investigate the cause of the accident, and the trade union believes that the investigation should continue uninterrupted. 

According to Reyneke, the trade union is concerned about the state of maintenance at other Eskom power stations as well. “We as a trade union are concerned about the safety of our members at many of Eskom’s power stations. The Lethabo accident cannot be viewed in isolation. Now there is a strong reaction after a fatal accident took place, but it appears that proper maintenance processes at other power stations are not taking place as they should – a state of affairs that undoubtedly will lead to more accidents,” Reyneke said. 

In addition, Reyneke warned that Eskom should conduct an urgent investigation into the maintenance of units at other power stations, thereby taking pro-active steps to prevent further tragedies similar to the one that took place at Lethabo yesterday. 

Issued by Deon Reyneke, Deputy General Secretary, Solidarity, 11 October 2018