It is reckless to behave as normal – EFF

Fighters say people continue to visit malls with their children as if we are not under a health threat

EFF statement on self-isolation and the measures that government must reinforce to contain the spread of Covid-19

20 March 2020

The EFF notes with great concern, that people continue to visit malls with children as if we are not under a Health threat from Coronavirus. This conduct undermines our collective efforts in the fight against coronavirus, and renders us all weak in this fight against the national and world crisis. Essentially, those who continue to visit malls have become their own enemies and enemies of us all. It is extremely reckless and inconsiderate to visit malls and to behave as if the nation is not facing a crisis that requires us all to self-isolate. It is crucial that all of us observe social distancing and as per the direction of the government.

We urge everyone to observe the restrictions and advisements by the government with absolute diligence and consistency.

WE MUST, all of us take seriously the message and avoid crowded public spaces that includes shopping malls unless its absolutely necessary for us to buy food and other essentials.

Furthermore, we urge the government to continue on the same hardline restrictions it has taken on the hospitality and entertainment industry (shebeens, taverns, restaurants, night clubs etc) to extend it with the same vigor and sternness to the faith-based organizations.

All churches, Mosques, synagogues and or any other religious gatherings must completely demobilize people from mass gathering. These faith-based organizations must encourage its congregants to pray at home in isolation until we have overcome this virus. All religious leaders must be exemplary in encouraging people not to gather in numbers during this difficult time. The government must not hesitate to arrest any reckless leader who encourages his or her congregants to continue to gather in numbers, despite the call by the President.

state president that churches must cease mass gatherings until we have overcome this pandemic. Such lunatics must be arrested immediately.

We further call on businesses in particular grocery stores, SPAR, Pick n Pay, BOXER, Cambridge, Shoprite, Checkers, Woolworths, and other retailers not to inflate prices of products such as sanitizers, masks, gloves and other protective equipment that might be needed to control the coronavirus. No one should profit from this national disaster which threatens our peoples' lives. Our people are already economically excluded from the economy this virus threatens to exclude them further from life itself. Our people cannot be left to die because they cannot afford items that help them practice basic hygiene. No one should profit from this disaster.

We call upon anyone who has any information of anyone or any supermarket, retail store or company that has inflated its prices to alert the EFF of such cruel business practice. As the EFF through our branches, we will send our members to confiscate all the sanitizers, hand gloves, masks and any other overpriced items that our people so desperately need. We will not standby and allow capitalist greed to exploit our people to death, in the name of profit.


Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 20 March 2020