We support opposition march against Zuma – Save SA

Campaign says history will judge harshly those currently propping up Zuma

Save South Africa campaign backs multi-party march on 12 April

11 April 2017

The Save South Africa campaign supports tomorrow’s march against President Jacob Zuma by political parties and we encourage our supporters to join the latest call for Zuma to Go, as well as other similar protests.

While we may not share the same political views as the parties that have organised tomorrow’s march, we completely share their view that Zuma must resign, and resign now.

We also believe that the political parties have a constitutional duty to hold President and public representatives accountable, which we support.

For this reason, we will be joining arms with them to march from Church Square to the Union Buildings, while also urging them to recommit to non-violence and resisting any provocation during the march.

We would like to stress that we are not supporting any single party by participating.

We appreciate the support many of these political parties showed for our own protests on Friday 7 April.

We are particularly focused on the No Confidence Vote in Parliament, and are calling on ANC MPs to put their country first and to vote with their conscience when the vote takes place. History will judge those who continue to prop up the worst President the ANC has ever had, and hold them responsible if they vote in support of what will undoubtedly be a disastrous slide into further state capture, patronage and looting.

To our supporters, we say: You sent a clear message to Zuma on 7 April, in your tens of thousands. Let’s send the same message again on 12 April. And again when the motion of no confidence is debated. And again and again and again – for as long as it takes to get this rotten president out of power, so that we can get South Africa back on the right path.

Join the march to the Union Buildings tomorrow! Save South Africa!

Issued by Save South Africa Campaign, 11 April 2017