Metsimaholo has voted for a new beginning - Patricia Kopane

DA FState leader says residents are clearly tired of being used by the ANC

The people of Metsimaholo have voted for a new beginning

On the 29 November 2017, the people of Metsimaholo rejected the corrupt ANC on the ballot paper. The ANC failed to reach the 50% needed in order to govern the municipality, with the ANC evidently being the only party that keeps declining in each and every election. This is a true reflection of what is going to happen in 2019; the death and burial of the ANC.

The people of Metsimaholo are clearly tired of being used by the ANC and they have taken a stand, they have decided to vote differently. They voted for a new beginning. A new beginning that puts an end to the corrupt ways of the ANC. They voted against empty promises, poor service delivery, cadre deployment and a billing crisis.

They have opted for a different government, a government that will govern with commitment, root out corruption, deliver basic services fairly and equitably.

A government that will live up to its promises, starting with fixing the billing crisis in this municipality, bring about financial stability and deliver better services across Metsimaholo; more so to poor areas which were neglected by the previous ANC government.

A government that will always make decisions that will be in the best interest of the people, and not to enrich a select few.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the DA in the Free State, to thank the people of Metsimaholo who voted for a new beginning by placing their trust in the DA, this alone is sign of courage because voting differently requires audacity.

A new beginning has come for the people of Metsimaholo, where the DA will endeavour to reach every community member and ensure service delivery for all.

Statement issued by Patricia Kopane, DA Free State Leader, 3 December 2017