Molefe should go for the workers’ sake - Solidarity

Movement says recent actions have a negative impact on morale of Eskom employees

Molefe should go for the workers’ sake  - Solidarity 

24 May 2017

Solidarity today brought an urgent court application requesting the court to review several decisions of the Eskom Board of Trustees since these decisions are unconstitutional and illegal.

According to Deon Reyneke, Solidarity’s Deputy General Secretary of the Energy Sector, comprehensive legal aid is requested. “We request that the court should review the decisions to approve a significant bigger pension payment to Molefe, to accept Molefe’s proposal to take early pension and the decision to reappoint Molefe in his position as chief executive of Eskom,” Reyneke said.

Reyneke added that the Board’s recent actions and the condemning implication of Mr Molefe in the inappropriate awarding of contracts to benefit the Gupta family, had an extremely negative impact on workers’ morale.

“The morale of Eskom’s workers, who are extremely loyal towards Eskom, showed major improvement after their hard work to get Eskom out of the energy crisis for the time being. The selfish actions of Molefe and the Board has once again plunged Eskom in controversy. It has a negative impact on workers’ morale. The only way to restore Eskom’s credibility and to have a positive impact on the workers would be to review Molofe’s “reappointment,” Reyneke said.

Solidarity also requested the court to hold the Eskom Board of Trustees personally responsible for the cost of the court application and that the court should order that Molefe’s actions must be investigated by the National Prosecution Authority.

Solidarity’s application will be heard in June 2017.

Issued by Deon Reyneke, Deputy General Secretary: Solidarity, 24 May 2017