Supra Mahumapelo still really in charge – Joe McGluwa

DA NWest PL says province needs total change

New Premier, old ANC – North West needs change

21 June 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the nomination of Professor Tebogo Mokgoro as Premier of the North West Province.

The first 100 days of Mokgoro’s short term as Premier will be critical, given the complete collapse of the province under the ANC over the last 24 years.

Mokgoro’s work will be hamstrung by the fact that the province is deeply factionalised and is still led by Supra Mahumapelo, the ANC Provincial Chairperson in the province. In short Mahumapelo is still directing the province’s affairs.

It is well known that Mokgoro is a compromise candidate, therefore his work will focus on appeasing one faction that supports Cyril Ramaphosa, and another faction that depends on the corrupt patronage network created and managed by Mahumapelo.

While there is a new Premier, the old ANC is still fully in power, meaning that the people will continue to suffer. What the province needs is real change that creates jobs, delivers quality services and acts against corruption.

The ANC has failed the people dismally and the North West is in dire need of real change – the kind of change that only a DA-led government can bring.

What the people of the North West need is a safe and caring province that is free from crime; where schools and hospitals work; where quality services are delivered; where jobs are created, and those who engage in corruption are arrested.

Issued by Joe McGluwaDA North West Provincial Leader, 21 June 2018