NFP leader's accusations are irresponsible - IFP

Party says aMagwaza-Msibi is claiming the IFP has killed 14 NFP members

NFP Leader's Irresponsible Remarks Will Derail Peace Talks

7th September 2011 

Following IFP President Prince Buthelezi's calls for 'peace talks' between the IFP and the NFP, the parties' leadership emerged from initial talks with a shared commitment to fostering peace between their members. The IFP hoped to build on that foundation. It is therefore regrettable that the leader of the NFP continues to slander the IFP President and the party as a whole in public, which heightens tensions.

During Prince Buthelezi's recent visit to Umlazi he told IFP supporters that, "The accusations and slander and mudslinging have to end." He urged the community to channel its energy and passion away from violence, towards a political revolution of goodwill. He said, unequivocally, "The violence must stop."

Mrs kaMagwaza-Msibi responded during her subsequent visit to Umlazi by announcing that the IFP had gunned down 14 NFP members. The NFP, she said, lives in fear, and the IFP might even kill her. She repeated these sentiments this past Sunday at the Rotary Stadium, at KwaMashu Hostel. In addition, she has called Prince Buthelezi a liar, and accused him of insulting and swearing at her when she formed the NFP.

Inexplicably, since the 'peace talks', the NFP has increased the tempo of fabrication.

It is irresponsible of the NFP to keep touting this idea of 14 political assassinations, when the SAPS has questioned whether the deaths were even politically motivated, only one arrest has been made, and the political affiliation of some of the victims is uncertain. But more irresponsible still is the allegation that the IFP killed these people. In the absence of any evidence, public accusations of guilt are nothing short of libel.

In the interests of truth, when the NFP speaks about violence against its members, it should not ignore violence against members of the IFP and members of the ANC, which is just as prevalent. But the point is not tallying up how many have suffered on each side to determine who is the bigger victim. The point is stopping the spiral of terror and hate that breeds violence. To do this, the NFP must relinquish its cherished role as martyr. In the first instance, it's not true; and in the second, it's counterproductive.

In addition, as I have said before, these irresponsible remarks are undermining the peace talk process that we have already started and must therefore be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Statement issued by Mr Albert Mncwango MP, IFP national organizer, September 7 2011

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