Old racist cabal of Tony Leon in control of DA - Tony Ehrenreich

COSATU Western Cape general secretary says democracy needs defending in province

COSATU calls special executive committee to decide on action to defend democracy and constitution against Helen Zille

COSATU Western Cape will hold a special urgent executive committee meeting this evening, 12 May, at 17h 30 to decide on the most appropriate course of action to defend democracy in the W Cape. This statement of the Premier of the Western Cape is not only inflammatory, but prejudicial to the Western Cape as an investment destination. this statements are in the same vein as her statements that said that the ANC had fermented protest in Khayalitsha, without a shred of evidence; in fact it was later proved that the protests were against the ANC councillor.

These types of statements seek to create a climate where people in the W Cape are meant to feel like they are a province separate to the rest of South Africa, with the view to running a separate province. The statements are now becoming like the child who cried wolf and even her Journalist friends are starting to express concerns at her claims.

The Premier of the DA is the most underrepresented Premier of all time in South Africa as she only has the support of 31% of the W Cape population. This is due to the fact that she has 1 085 633 of the vote, from a voting population of 3 298 745 million. This fact alone should make the Premier a lot more circumspect in her dealings with the people of the Western Cape, with assurances that the leadership are as representative of the W Cape population.

We had congratulated the Premier on her appointment, but now are really concerned that the old racist cabal of Tony Leon of the DP has taken control of the DA and put their cronies into office. COSATU will do all that it can to defend the Western Cape as part of SA and promote al the democratic practices that our constitution demand.

There will be a press conference at 18h30 this evening at COSATU offices Community House, Salt River Road, Salt River to announce the decision of the Executive Committee

Statement issued by Tony Ehrenreich, general secretary of COSATU Western Cape, May 12 2009

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