Oversight group agrees to way forward in Tshwane – MPC

DA confirmed that Mayor Randall Williams would refer himself to the Speaker over his handling of Kratos proposal

Coalition oversight group agrees to way forward in City of Tshwane

5 November 2022

The governing multi-party coalition in the City of Tshwane met today to address the issue of investigations into the conduct of Mayor Randall Williams as it relates to the handling of the Kratos proposal. These investigations were initiated at a prior meeting on 23 August 2022.

These investigations addressed the conduct of the Mayor as it relates both to the lawfulness of his actions as well as his adherence to the coalition agreement in terms of his actions.

The investigation report came to the view that the proposal did not constitute procurement and therefore no alleged breaches of the MFMA were concluded to have taken place. The report did conclude that a case exists to be answered for in terms of Mayor Williams instructions to municipal officials being potentially outside of the scope of his authority; in violation of the code of conduct of councillors; and, in breach the council-approved system of delegations.

It must be stated that both the DA and ActionSA had divergent views on these findings but have committed that the matter should follow the correct council-approved processes and where all parties will have the opportunity to state their respective cases.

The Coalition Oversight Group (COG) resolved to that the matter should be addressed through investigation conducted by the Speaker of Council as envisioned in the standing rules and orders of Council.

The DA confirmed that Mayor Williams would refer himself to the Speaker, and ActionSA has committed to lodge its complaint with the Speaker simultaneously.

The consideration of alleged breached of the coalition agreement was referred for further investigation within the coalition structure with a view of improving future cooperation around matters that lack consensus within the coalition.

In the intervening period, all parties have committed to ensure an absolute focus of the multi-party coalition to delivering services to all communities in the City of Tshwane. This will remain forefront of our agenda while we continue to address this issue through the processes prescribed in the City of Tshwane Council.

Issued by Corné Mulder, 5 November 2022