Research shows proposed NHI renders health care practitioners uncertain – Solidarity

Movement says implementation of scheme could accelerate emigration

Research shows proposed NHI renders health care practitioners uncertain, negative and could cause possible emigration

21 August 2018

The results of a research project by the Solidarity Research Institute which determined the opinions and feelings of medical practitioners regarding the NHI, was presented today at the Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioner’s Crisis Summit on the proposed NHI.

According to Nicolien Welthagen, senior researcher at the Solidarity Research Institute, this research is one of the first important steps to reveal the real feelings and opinions of practitioners regarding the proposed NHI in public. “In the first place, the research found that practitioners feel that there has not been sufficient consultation with them on the government’s plans to implement the NHI. 72,6% of practitioners indicated that they have not been consulted during the process, while 38,8% of general practitioners feel that they have sufficient knowledge of the NHI,” Welthagen said.

Welthagen further indicated that 71,9% of the respondents who included general practitioners, specialists, and nursing staff, are negative or sceptical toward the government’s plans to implement the NHI. “The latter is supported by 93,8% of the respondent who expressed concern that the state will not be able to administer the system successfully, while 88% of the respondent indicated that the NHI will not be implemented successfully, Welthagen confirmed.

Welthagen further explained that it is extremely worrying that approximately 83,2% of health care workers agree that private health professionals will leave the country if the NHI is implemented. “The extent of this issue is emphasised by 81,7% of the respondents who indicated that they believe the NHI will destabilise the health sector,” Welthagen concluded.

here for the full research report.

The Solidarity Occupational Guild for Health Care Practitioners was launched at the Crisis Summit to support health care professionals and to protect the medical profession.

Issued by Nicolien Welthagen, Senior Researcher: Solidarity Research Institute, 21 August 2018