Retraction of Pretoria name change welcome - FF+

Conrad Beyers says Pieter Mulder's intervention was crucial


The Freedom Front Plus in Pretoria welcomed the announcement that the change of the name of Pretoria to that of Tshwane has been withdrawn by the Minister of Arts and Culture (see here) and said that the Leader of the party, Dr. Pieter Mulder, had played a decisive role in this. Dr. Mulder has for the last week been engaged at the highest government levels, through his liaisons and communications with senior Ministers and other parties involved, in attempts to stop the latest attempts to have Pretoria 's name changed to Tshwane.

The FF Plus also expressed its appreciation for the civil organization, AfriForum for their support as well as their valuable contribution in civil society with regards to this issue which is very important to the FF Plus.

According to Dr. Beyers, FF Plus councillor the announcement of the withdrawal of the Pretoria name change is meaningful on different levels.

"It shows that Afrikaners as a group is too strong to merely be shoved to one side and steam roller them with regards to issues which are important to them. On the other hand it shows that effective communication channels between the Afrikaner community and the government exists which can be used to avoid conflict situations," Beyers said.

This is also an example of how public pressure by civil organizations together with political access to the decision makers, through the deputy minister's position of Dr. Pieter Mulder, can solve problems.

The FF Plus said that the victory with regards to the withdrawal of Pretoria 's name has given the ANC radicals (with the mayor, Gwen Ramakgopa at the helm) a bloody nose.

"We expect that there will again be attempts by some elements in the ANC to force the name change, but the longer Pretoria retains its name, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of the name. That is why this is a very important victory for the retention of Pretoria 's name."

Statement issued by Conrad Beyers, Freedom Front Plus Councillor: Tshwane Metro, February 3 2010

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